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Starting from Seed

Now is the time to consider starting your own seeds for planting. Growing your own plants from seed has several advantages, not the least of which is that you can control the environment in which your food is raised, quite literally from the ground up. This kind of growing also offers a nice lesson in self-reliance and resiliency, qualities that we can all embrace during times of climate change and other environmental uncertainty. (more…)

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On HomeFarm: Spring Has Sprung

While the calendar doesn’t have it slated until 3:45pm this Friday, spring has already spread out her finery at our HomeFarm in the Dry Creek Valley. With this exciting shift comes the usual flurry of work that farmers have been engaged in throughout the centuries. As do all who tend the Earth, we’re preparing for the growing season ahead, amending our soil with compost, pruning our trees and vines to do their best through harvest, and making sure there’s plenty of forage for the bees and chickens as they grow their hives and flocks. (more…)