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What a Difference a Year Makes

Today, April 16, 2014, marks the one-year anniversary of the Healdsburg SHED. We are amazed and humbled by the year we have just experienced and the community that has gathered around us at SHED.

Our aim with establishing this venue was to honor Healdsburg's rich agrarian history while celebrating the farmers, artisans, wine- and beer-makers, bakers, cheesemongers, artists, filmmakers, butchers, dancers, musicians, ranchers, writers, and other folks who make our area such an immensely satisfying place to live.


Artisan Producers

Fomenting Ferment: Kombucha and Beyond

Thought to have first arisen in the Chinese Tsin dynasty in 212BC, kombucha is an ancient drink. A fermented yeast enzyme tea, it was known as the Tea of Immortality for the health benefits its enthusiasts were said to enjoy. 

Today, science has proven that fermented drinks offer ample health benefits — while remaining mum on the immortality part. Helping to balance the alkalines in the body and working as a probiotic for the digestive system, kombucha and other fermented drinks not only offer good support to better health, they're tasting better all the time.

SHED's Jordan Lancer leads a workshop on preparing your own delicious and healthy fermented drinks at home on Saturday, Feb. 22. Lancer leads SHED's fermentation bar as a place to enjoy refreshing, non-alcoholic beverages prepared with local ingredients. Like vinegar.