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Whole Hog: Rian Rinn & the Long Haul

Rian Rinn stands near a backhoe staring at a large hole in the ground. Three men are in the hole while a fourth leans forward, urgently and rapidly talking into Rinn's ear. It's a plumbing thing. It's got to be done. It's going to be expensive. Rinn nods as the man continues his speedy explication of all the extra thousands of dollars it's going to cost to get this plumbing right. Rinn sighs, looks up from the hole, and greets the stranger waiting to talk to him. It's just another day in the butcher business.

Rinn and his partner Jenine Alexander are amid transforming an old tire shop in Roseland into a state-of-the-art butchery processing operation and retail shop. Plumbing woes just come with the territory as they scramble to get their Sonoma County Meat Company built and open for a planned March 5 launch date. 

And there are plenty of things that Rinn, 34, would rather discuss than plumbing. Like his upcoming Jan. 25 butchery demonstration for SHED, an evening that will find him comfortably above ground, sharing the night with Bar Tartine chefs Nick Balla and Cortney Burns in our upstairs Grange.