FAQ SHED Registry

How do I find a specific online registry?

You can search for a registry using the registrant or co-registrant’s first name, last name, or both.


How do I manage and edit my online registry?

You can manage and edit your registry by logging into your account and going to the “Manage Registry” section.


What are a Registrant and a Co-Registrant?

A Registrant is the primary person responsible for managing your online Registry. Registrants are required to submit contact and shipping information. A Co-Registrant has access and partnership in the online Registry. Co-Registrants are not required to submit contact or shipping information. Both the Registrant and the Co-Registrant can add, edit, delete and make updates to the online Registry.


How long will my online registry be posted after my event?

Your online registry will remain active for six months after your event date. If you need to access it after that, email orders@healdsburgshed.com  with your name, co-registrant’s name, registry number (if available) and date of event, and we’ll be glad to help.


Does my online registry show purchases?

Yes. All changes and purchases made to your online registry will be updated within 15 minutes.


How often does my online registry update?

Within 15 minutes.


What should I do if the registrant has received everything?

Most of our registrants indicate on their registries that a SHED Online Gift Card makes a great gift. If you purchase a gift that’s not on the online registry, you will need to provide us with the registrant’s shipping address. If you do not have access to it, email us at orders@healdsburgshed.com and we will retrieve it from our files for you.


How do I create and manage my online registry?

Healdsburg SHED registries are exclusively created, managed, and shopped online. You can create and manage your registry online any time, day or night. Changes made online will be posted within 15 minutes.


What if I receive duplicate gifts?

While our system updates your registry within 15 minutes, if not immediately, the occasional duplicate purchase may occur. If this happens we will gladly allow return or exchange of the gift.


Can guests shop my online registry in-store at SHED?

We encourage online registry purchases, so that your friends and family will be able to view your entire Registry. They will also be able to see any changes and updates made within 15 minutes of their occurrence. If they would like to access the online registry while in our Healdsburg store, an appointment can be made with a registry specialist by emailing a requested time and date of visit to orders@healdsburgshed.com. We’ll arrange a specialist to assist!


May I add seasonal items to my online registry?

Our eclectic and evolving product selection is a core value and among the reasons we stand apart. But this kind of inventory can also sell out quickly and be troublesome for long-term planning. Bottom line: We cannot guarantee a seasonal item’s availability for purchase, so it may make a difficult online Registry choice.

Therefore, if you choose to register for seasonal merchandise, we suggest that you do so no more than eight weeks before your event, during the time most guests are likely to make a purchase. If a seasonal item is purchased and we are unable to fulfill the order, a SHED Online Gift Card will be issued for the valued amount.


Can I register for SHED online Gift Gards?

Yes, you can register for SHED Online Gift Cards. Many guests would like to give Online Gift Cards, but would feel more comfortable doing so if they knew it was an option you had requested. Online Gift Cards are also good to have in the event that your registry reaches completion and a guest isn’t sure what you’d like, or if a requested seasonal item is out of stock.

Can I register for SHED in-store Gift Cards?

Unfortunately, we cannot include in-store Gift Cards in our online Registry at this time. We hope to be able to do so soon!


Can I register for SHED Classes and Workshops?

Absolutely! Experiential giving is among the things that sets our registry apart. Most importantly — lifelong learning is a core value for us. We love coupling a product with the opportunity to gain the skills necessary to best use it. You may add classes and workshops to your registry as you would any other product. When a class or workshop is purchased for you, a Registry Specialist will email you to  confirm your attendance. Please be certain that the date makes a fit for your calendar before registering for it as events, classes, and workshops are normally non-refundable.

If the date is changed/canceled by SHED, we will notify you via email, and transfer the value onto an Online Gift Card that can be used towards a purchase of any kind on our website.


What gift wrapping options are available?

We will package your gifts with care using our signature compostable or recyclable wrapping when possible. Items that are oversized or whose quality may be compromised by gift wrapping will be exempt at our discretion. We will gladly enclose a gift message free of charge with any order, simply include your message in the “note” section at checkout.  And of course, all items ship without price tags or pricing information.


I live outside of the U.S. Can I still register online at SHED?

We’re so sorry! At this time, items on SHED’s online Registry can only be shipped within the United States. If you live internationally but can receive your gifts at a domestic address, we welcome you to register. If you’d like to be alerted when this policy changes, please sign up for our newsletter online.


What if I need more help with my online registry?

No worries! We’re here for you. If you need help creating an online registry or simply have questions, please email orders@healdsburgshed.com and a registry specialist will be happy to assist.


Do you have an online registry completion program?

Yes. After your event has been celebrated, you will be emailed a Gift Registry Completion Promo Code. Our Completion program goes beyond your gift registry and allows you to enjoy 10% off any product (sorry: Events excluded) on our website for a six full months after your celebration. Indulge yourself!


How do I redeem my 10% Gift Registry Completion Promo Code?

Your 10% Gift Registry Completion Promo Code will be automatically emailed to you after your event has passed. You can enter this code at checkout on all future product purchases made online at www.healdsburgshed.com for up to six months. Thank you for respecting our policy that this Promo Code is exclusive to the registrant’s email and cannot be shared with guests or applied to in-store or event ticket purchases.


Do I need an appointment to register in-store?

Our Gift Registry is designed to be an easy-to-use online program. However, if you would like to come into our store and have a registry specialist help with product suggestions and explain our experiential opportunities, please email orders@healdsburgshed.com with the date/time you would like to come visit our Healdsburg location. It would be our pleasure to help!


Are all products in-store available online?

While the core items that set SHED apart are always available online at www.healdsburgshed.com, we are simply not able to carry every in-store product online as well. If you fall in love with an item that is in our store but not online, please email orders@healdsburgshed.com to inquire about adding it to your online registry. We’ll do what we can to help!


I keep getting error messages when I am creating my online registry. What is going on?

The online Registry is designed to tell you exactly what you need to do to enter your information properly. If an error message appears, please review your entries making sure that all required fields are properly completed.


Why is my online registry account password not working?

For your protection, we do not have access to your password. Let us know if you’ve forgotten it and we’ll send you instructions on resetting your password. Please note, your online registry password is the same as your general SHED online password.


Can I purchase a gift that is on backorder?

Yes! Once the item is in stock, we will email your tracking information and have the item sent as quickly as possible.


Don’t see your question answered here? Contact Us!

We look forward to speaking with you. For assistance, please call us at 707.431.7433 x302 between 9am-5pm PST, Monday through Friday, or email orders@healdsburgshed.com.


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