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Healdsburg Shed is Ground Zero for Fermented Drinks

Sometimes you want to step into a bar, taste a range of its libations, and walk away even more curious than when you stepped in. The Fermentation Bar in the Healdsburg Shed is one such bar. It always leaves you with an inquisitive palate.


Sonoma County And Its Beautiful Secrets

Indulge in their sustainably grown and locally farmed menu that sends a feel good vibe down to your bones… SHED will leave you blissfully satisfied.

Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Wine Country Ideas for Living Like an Italian

It’s not a big feast unless there’s a rustic, flavorful pot of polenta… taste it on the SHED breakfast menu or with the meatballs-to-go on Wednesday nights.

Makalé Faber Cullen

Healdsburg SHED: The Moving Picture

An introduction to the family of grain growers, lumberers, furniture makers, product designers and farmers that make Healdsburg SHED.


A Tiny Town Neighboring Napa Is the Next California Culinary Destination

Walk around Shed, a James Beard design award winner that sells everything from (chic) wine country souvenirs to gardening equipment to gorgeous housewares. They also have a delicious restaurant on site and a fermentation bar (think: kombucha, beer, ciders and more.)


California’s 38 Best Restaurants

Shed’s the place where all your “wouldn’t it be nice to live in Sonoma” fantasies come to life, better than you even imagined, if only for a couple hours.


Steal This Look: Garden Courtyard at Shed in Healdsburg, CA

As you browse among Japanese cookware and German scrub brushes and Swedish dish towels (certain that you need it all), the light lures you toward the back of the barn and outdoors to a small courtyard—a magical dining and gardening space with a silvery wood fence, a metal-roofed storage shed, and crunchy gravel underfoot.


The Essential Restaurants of Sonoma County

The inventiveness and attention Hoffman gives to the intensity of flavor and presentation of his plates is nearly unmatched north of the Golden Gate.

San Francisco Chronicle

Top 100 Bay Area Restaurants 2018

If you want to explore the bounty of Sonoma County, a trip to this “modern grange” in Healdsburg should be at the top of the list.


7 Restaurants Worth Riding For

Restaurant, café, bakery, and market all in one, this creative Healdsburg locale has quickly become one of the best places to eat in the area… Every meal is a work of art.


When Designers Own the Restaurant, Even the Coffee Mugs Are on the Menu

Cindy Daniel, the owner and interior design lead behind Shed in Healdsburg, California, wanted to build a pathway — quite literally — from growing food to making it to finally serving it. To that end, she created, with Jensen Architects, a whole ecosystem within the 5,000-square-foot building.


A Perfect Weekend in Healdsburg

Shed offers everything from handcrafted housewares like $12 honey sticks to responsibly farmed produce. One highlight is Shed Café, which draws crowds for cuisine by award-winning chef Perry Hoffman… Savor your snack on the street-facing patio, and then meander through the shop, browsing for stoneware, steel crepe pans, and gardening trowels.

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Forage For Your Food: Shed Chef Leads Backcountry Hunts For Freshest Ingredients

On March 11, produce lovers seeking enlightenment beyond bagged salad mix will slowly canvass a streambank on a private five-acre farm in the Dry Creek Valley looking for wild lunch provisions. Lemon balm, cow parsnips, spice bush, Douglas fir shoots, bay laurel, plantain and wild chervil are among the wild edibles that sprout there each spring. Their guide: Perry Hoffman, the culinary director at Shed, Northern California’s acclaimed locavore utopia.


15 Essential Sonoma County Restaurants

As a restaurant/bar/fermentation lab/exhibition space, SHED is the heart of Healdsburg’s food and drink culture. It’s a bucolic space with no shortage of delicious options for a present or future meal… this is the California farm-to-table good life we see in magazines turned into reality.

North Bay Bohemian

No Hurry

Not every restaurant that receives the Snail of Approval meets the same standards. Each locality, from Boston and New York to Chicago, creates its own criteria, though they all rally behind the watchwords “clean, good and fair.”… Cindy Daniel and her husband, Doug Lipton, have made Healdsburg’s Shed a destination and showcase for local farmers.

Sonoma Discoveries

Restoring the Balance

[Farming] inspired Doug and Cindy to create SHED in downtown Healdsburg… Consumers are backing away from foods grown on land saturated with pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. There are farmers who don’t want to farm like that either. Many are reverting to earlier agricultural practices, practices used by our forefathers, practices used before synthetics. They’d prefer to look to nature and the microbes beneath their feet for sustenance, and to the moon and the stars for guidance.

California Bountiful

At the SHED

What would a foodie’s paradise in wine country look like? For many, it looks a whole lot like SHED, a market, café and community gathering space in Healdsburg designed to bring folks closer to the way food is grown, prepared and shared.

The New York Times

36 Hours in Sonoma County, Calif.

Healdsburg, a well-heeled town anchored by a central square that is surrounded by restaurants, shops, art galleries and, of course, wine stores and tasting bars, is the perfect place to transition into evening. Start at Shed, a cavernous culinary market and cafe devoted to local farming culture that features everything from butter churns and herb shears to umami salt and kombucha on tap.

Architectural Digest

Is This the Future of Brick-and-Mortar Grocery Shopping?

James Beard Award–winning Mark Jensen designed this modern-style barn tripling as a farmer’s market, general store, and restaurant… Idle on the patio for housemade charcuterie and sip on-tap shrubs and kombucha. Later, shop the well-curated wares—Norfolk harvest baskets, Sneeboer garden tools, and Shed’s pantry line of spices, pickles, and preserves.

Conde Nast Traveler

The 49 U.S. Restaurants We’d Travel For

Shed is a culinary, retail, grocery, coffee, organic, local experience in the truest sense of the word. I love everything about this place.

San Francisco Chronicle

A Chef’s Essentials For A Modern Pantry

The essentials of the Hoffman pantry are quintessentially artisanal; from tools to spices, craftsmanship is foremost, and the initial sticker shock is often tempered by the object’s longevity.

The Press Democrat

Healdsburg Shed Chef Shares Secret Weapons For a Great Mother’s Day Menu

How do Wine Country chefs coax so much flavor out of simple ingredients, bringing out the deep, complex notes of smoke and fermentation while fine-tuning the upper register of citrus and fresh herbs? With all the skill of a classical maestro, Healdsburg Shed Culinary Director Perry Hoffman has mastered that balancing act… you could surprise mom with an array of Shed Pantry products, or you could take it a step further by making a light but flavorful lunch that showcases a few of these flavor boosters in action.

San Francisco Chronicle

Top 100 Restaurants 2017

No other restaurant in Sonoma County so gloriously embraces the county’s agrarian history as this “modern grange”… This is the place to go in Healdsburg for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Bon Appetit

The Best Healthyish Restaurants in San Francisco

A standout is Shed, a marketplace and restaurant that houses a fermentation bar and cures it own meats. Here you’ll find the best selection of artisan products made in this area and an extensive home goods, kitchenware, and gardening section. And in a surprise to no one, the rustic farm-to-table menu at the restaurant is accompanied by an awesome wine list.

Bon Appetit

Flavor Dusts Are the Chef’s Staple You Can Bring Home

[Hoffman’s] charred eggplant dust is basically a Genie in a bottle: Stir it into a bit of olive oil and yogurt, and you’re suddenly tasting baba ganoush. That onion powder, made by slowly smoking yellow onions over applewood chips, is the building block of a perfect grill marinade. Stir the tarragon-caper dust into butter and rub on roast chicken, or add the shiitake powder to stock for an umami boost.

North Bay Bohemian

Best of 2017: Best Secret Ingredients

Can I interest you in a little magic dust? Wait, it’s not what you’re thinking. This is the good stuff. Homegrown, even… I’d like to take credit for these, but this is the work of chef Perry Hoffmann and the good folks at Shed in Healdsburg. They’ve developed a whole line of the powders, seasoned salts and other kitchen pantry items. I’m fond of the green salt—bay leaves, thyme, parsley, rosemary and Jacobsen salt spread around the rim of a bloody Mary. It’s a great way to take a little Sonoma County with you wherever you go.


SHED Pantry

If you’re familiar with SHED in downtown Healdsburg, then you know how incredible everything is… In addition to educating folks on good farming, good cooking and good eating, Cindy and Perry wanted to show ways of preserving seasonal bounty and flavors through canning, drying, pickling and fermenting.


Visit Sonoma

Foodie Shops with Classes in Sonoma County

You’ll find beautiful kitchen tools designed to last a lifetime; uniquely local, small batch provisions for a well-stocked pantry and, of course, the inspiration and information you need to journey confidently into the realm of innovative kitchen artistry… you might also consider taking the “Foraging in the Wild” workshop offered by Shed’s culinary director, Chef Perry Hoffman. But you could just as easily fall in with any of their other seasonal workshops, including one on making your own shrub drinks and one on herbal wellness.

Edible Marin & Wine Country

Edible Road Trip: Healdsburg

At this point in my visit, I’m not sure if Healdsburg can get any better. But the next day I wake up and, after a cozy Aztec mocha at local favorite Flying Goat Coffee, I head over to Healdsburg SHED for a lunch to rule all lunches… After you eat here, you just feel so nourished.

American Airlines Celebrated Living

NoCal Goes Local

If you’re a Michelin-starred wunderkind, it might seem like a risk to swap a fancy Napa restaurant for a glass-fronted barn in a town once best known for its farmers’ parade. But not to Perry Hoffman, who recently made the move from the Étoile restaurant at the Domaine Chandon winery to SHED, a Healdsburg barn with a general store, restaurant and a food lab fed by its own 30-acre farm.

San Francisco Chronicle

How Sleepy Healdsburg Became a Dining Destination

Shed’s concept seems to be paying off, with weekends crowded with tourists and weekdays bustling with locals, who come to sip kombucha at the fermentation bar, buy house-milled flour, peruse French cheese knives or dig into a dish of halibut in smoked tomato broth.

Economist 1843 Magazine

Shrubs Are The New Soda Pops: Sybil Kapoor Drains Her Glass

Sipping the rose-pink iced strawberry and tarragon shrub at the Fermentation Bar at SHED in Healdsburg, California, I wonder what America’s pioneer farmers would have made of this modern interpretation of their thirst-quenching soft drink. The seltzer bubbles prickle my mouth, releasing pleasantly vinegary strawberry notes with a peppery hint of tarragon. It tastes of summer without the sweet sickliness of a soda pop.


Doug Lipton of Sonoma County’s SHED Restaurant on the Importance of Local Food and Farming

SHED is Doug’s and Cindy’s local food-focused modern grange hosting a market, cafe and fermentation bar. It is the expression of their hard work and commitment to bringing together the local community of ranchers, fishermen, artisan producers, backyard gardeners, long-time farmers, professional chefs, home cooks, food crafters, educators and enthusiastic learners — all with a passion for food and farming.

Edible Marin and Wine Country

The Escoffier Questionnaire: Perry Hoffman

In my experience it is rare for the head of a kitchen to speak about the creative process in anything other than the first person, but Hoffman’s clear sense of collectivism makes the afternoon feel like a shared discovery.

San Francisco Chronicle

Top 100 Restaurants 2016: SHED Cafe

No other restaurant in Sonoma so gloriously embraces the agrarian history of the county as the Shed in Healdsburg.

Fodor's Travel

Where to Eat In Healdsburg Now

Hoffman, who earned a Michelin star at Étoile in Napa, brings an earthy elegance to a menu driven largely by the availability of produce from within 10 miles… the food here sparkles with creativity and freshness.

San Francisco Chronicle

Is SHED The Best Restaurant in Sonoma County?

I’ve never seen combinations that visually depict the bounty in such a vibrant, respectful way… Shed celebrates its location in a way that no other place duplicates. It feels like the most authentic and beautifully conceived restaurant in Sonoma County right now.


Healdsburg’s SHED Makes Its Mark In Wine Country

Shed holds immense appeal for the out-of-towners who flock to Healdsburg on weekends for wine tasting, charming bed and breakfasts, and farm-to-table dining… [it’s] a wonderland of aesthetic and gastronomic pleasures — one that simultaneously gives a visitor the feeling that she is becoming a more responsible citizen.

San Francisco Magazine

Get in My Belly! Bi-Rite, Shed, and the Advocate

One of the (many) high notes of my dinner at SHED last weekend was a sturdy slice of pecan spice cake, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It’s one of those wallflower cakes that won’t win any beauty pageants, and that’s part of its appeal. When a cake appears with zero frills, it’s a good sign that its greatest attributes lie within.

Bite Club Eats

Best Sonoma County Restaurant Dishes of 2015

It was hard to pick a single favorite dish from Hoffman’s menu, with each course a surprise… After multiple courses, I remember getting up from the meal and thinking it was one of the most intriguing and unexpectedly wonderful experiences of the year.

North Bay Bohemian

The Happy Chef

The vegetable-centric menu that Hoffman and his cooks have created is accessible and refined, and displays a creative mind, a steady hand and a reverence for locally sourced ingredients.

Santa Rosa Press Democrat

The North Bay’s Top 10 Food Stories of 2015

[Chef Hoffman] always had one foot in the seasonal kitchen and one foot in the dirt. He also brings some street cred: at 25, he became the youngest American chef to win a Michelin star while working at Etoile at Domaine Chandon in Yountville.

The Culture Trip

The 10 Best Restaurants In Healdsburg, California

The folks at SHED are passionate about the connection between food and farming. Working within a close network of like-minded enthusiasts, SHED has become more than just a restaurant; it is a community center for education, sharing and celebrating fresh, wholesome food.

Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Chef Perry Hoffman Opens Healdsburg’s Shed for Dinner

Unlike so many chefs who give lip service to seasonality and have turned the term “farm-to-table” into a cliché, Hoffman spends his time immersed in ideas like mixing persimmons and cucumbers at this one special moment in time.

Santa Rosa Press Democrat

9 Steps To a Stress-Free Thanksgiving Meal

With readers’ sanity in mind, we asked Perry Hoffman, the new culinary director of the Healdsburg Shed, to share a few simple recipes and tips to streamline the annual Thanksgiving cooking marathon.

Sunset Magazine

The Relaxed Thanksgiving

For the couple behind Healdsburg food destination Shed, Doug Lipton and Cindy Daniel, the holiday is all about the local harvest and friends pitching in.

San Francisco Chronicle

Video: Japanese Soba Master Comes to Healdsburg

Watch Toshiya Kotorii, a 36-year-old who looks young to be a master, make the soba by hand — a beautiful, complex process that has already attracted crowds of curious onlookers.

Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Buying Local Made Easier by Sebastopol-Based Farmers’ Advocate

An informal survey of nine Sonoma County grocery stores [counted] how many items on the fresh produce shelves were grown within Sonoma or surrounding counties. The survey was done in coordination with store employees during the same week in September, when local produce was bountiful. Healdsburg SHED came out on top.

Edible Marin and Wine Country

A Journey to HomeFarm

Doug Lipton and Cindy Daniel’s journey to embrace the soil that became their physical and spiritual home led them to the Dry Creek Valley in 1994. It’s here that they created their HomeFarm, raised their family and recently realized their vision of a building a modern Grange they call SHED in their Healdsburg community.


The Sonoma Valley Guide

While this is the spot to discover the region’s best produce and artisan-made goods, from olive oils to fresh bread, it’s also mecca for drop-dead gorgeous design: the nearly 10,000-square-foot recycle steel barn features walls of glass and gigantic garage doors that open for an indoor/outdoor effect.

The Mercury News

Want Modern Grange? Try Shed in Healdsburg

It’s hard to know where to start, because I want to start with everything and be sure I miss nothing… This is Shed. Not “the” Shed. Just Shed. It’s a little bit of everything that makes for gracious living, all in the space of a modern, airy, glass-clad, barn of a building just steps from Healdsburg’s central plaza. It’s all about farm-to-table and everything in between, but not in the trendy sense of that overused phrase.

Travel + Leisure

Healdsburg SHED Now Offering Sonoma’s Best Farmers Market Experience

Healdsburg now offers a refreshing chance for your liver to recover without compromising the fun. Pioneering it all is SHED, a grange hall, fermentation bar, and marketplace housed in an airy, two-story steel and glass flex space that won a James Beard Award in 2014 for its architecture.

Trek Travel

Industry Insider: Cindy Daniel

Winner of a 2014 James Beard Award for restaurant design, SHED is a market, café, and community gathering space in Healdsburg, California designed to bring us closer to the way we grow, prepare, and share our food. We caught up with owner Cindy Daniels to learn more about the home she has created and join in her mission to nurture the connection between good farming, good cooking, and good eating.

Bon Traveler

The Local’s Weekend: A Healdsburg Guide

I walked in for breakfast, and somehow managed to stay through until lunch — this place will do that to you. Coffee bar, pastry shop, to-go counter, fresh produce grocery store, kitchen & home store, and a cafe all under one creative roof.

Bon Appetit, February 2015

Inside Shed, Sonoma County’s Charming General Store and Restaurant

While the open kitchen and the casual Californian fare that chef Miles Thompson prepares are the focus of Shed, there is equal attention given to the farming and cooking of food. It’s rare to find a place that will sell you not only pristine hyper-local produce but also the seeds you need to grow it yourself and the fermentation crock with which to preserve it.

Fresh Cup Magazine

A Culture of Drinks

On this particular visit I rounded out my usual order at Shed’s polished espresso counter by wandering towards the back of the giant space, past the wood-fired pizza and the knife-sharpening counter, where I was excited but not really surprised to find what might be the country’s only fermentation bar.

Food & Wine

The New Food Multiplexes

This two-story café and marketplace is all about artisanship. A highlight: a fermentation bar with wine and kombucha.

Conde Nast Traveler

The Best American Cities for Foodies

Ask any twenty- or thirty-something in the Bay Area to name their favorite city in California wine country, and chances are you’ll hear Healdsburg’s name… SHED Café serves delightfully simple and seasonal brunches in an airy, indoor-outdoor setting.

SF Gate

Young Farmers Harvest Camaraderie at Granges and Gatherings

In Healdsburg, Cindy Daniel and Doug Lipton have created what they call a modern Grange with Shed, which has a cafe and market downstairs and a meeting space upstairs and recently won a James Beard Outstanding Restaurant Design Award.

Modern Farmer

SHED: A Hub for the Healdsburg Food Community

You could call it a farm store or an artisanal grocery, but neither description really fits… Daniel says she always knew she wanted to do a project around food, and when she began planning SHED, she treated it like her farm, integrating a little of everything.


Here Are the Stunning JBFA Restaurant Design Finalists

The largely recycled, pre-engineered metal building is a riff on the area’s local barn structures and complements Shed’s environmentally-aware ethos by maximizing “material efficiency and cost effectiveness.” …an impactful space that is respectful of its beautiful setting.


Secret Recipe: SHED’s Mezze Platter

Cindy Daniel and Doug Lipton, owners of SHEDcontributed a smorgasbord of technicolor mezze to our meal by chef Diana Mushines.


Insider Guide: Healdsburg

The 10,000-square-foot Healdsburg Shed brings farming, gardening, cooking, and eating together in one glass-walled building.


First Impression: Healdsburg SHED

What would a locavore’s paradise in wine country look like? For a certain type of well-heeled agrarian, a whole lot like SHED.


Dawn of the Shed

It’s essentially everything you love about wine country crammed into one bi-level funhouse of day-tripping potential.