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UPside Dance Movie Night

Join our local dance company UPside Dance at SHED for an evening of short artistic dance films from their latest work, ‘Fine Line.’ During a Wildlands Art residency 2016, UPside Dance Company co-directors Tanya Tolmasoff and Kate Vazzoler created ‘A Fine Line,” a new site-specific piece. The collaboration with filmmakers Albert Casselhoff and Nick Ahumada captured this project on film to express how dance enlivened the Wildlands environment in a different way. ‘A Fine Line’ explored boundaries and limits, both externally and internally and asks how do we push and define these lines. UPside Dance stepped into motion to create eight different pieces that stretched across Wildlands: Limitless, Brink, Lines Drawn, Pushed, Lone, Tethered, Held, and Loom.  The residency culminated in a performance where audience members were lead through the land to experience each piece in a new environment.

As the co-directors explain, “Being an artist in resident at Wildlands Art Residency was challenging, magical, and inspiring. Dancing up in the land allowed UPside to ‘strip away’ outside layers and connect with ourselves and each other, creating a raw and truthful creative process. We were pushed beyond what we thought possible both physically and artistically; charging down a hill, balancing on a moving dock, lifting each other in a boundless meadow, dancing on a cliff’s edge, tethered to a tree, swirling through expansive vistas, and leaping through Manzanita logs during fiery-gold sunsets.”
With this screening, UPside can share ‘A Fine Line’ with the community and bring some of the beauty of the art residency through film.  This event will also mark the debut of ‘Projected Forrest’ a film directed by Cylan Schaffer featuring UPside Dance which was part of the 2016 Petaluma Film Festival and others.
Please RSVP using the link on this page. There is no fee to attend, but donations will be accepted at the door to support UPside Dance’s ongoing programming. The screening will begin with at 6:30pm with an introduction by UPside Dance co-directors Kate and Tanya. After the event, there will be a Q&A session. There will be a cash bar selling SHED’s favorite fermented products.


Dec 8, 2016
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM


Healdsburg SHED
25 North Street, Healdsburg, CA, United States

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