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Hoshigaki Workshop

Learn the art of hoshigaki, Japanese hand-dried persimmons, in this workshop taught by cooking instructor Sonoko Sakai.Unlike the commercially dried fruits that get sliced up and shriveled in dehydrators, hoshigakis are dried whole in open air.  The drying involves a laborious, 40-day process. Under her guidance you will learn how to pick, peel, hang, and massage the persimmons until they become succulently sweet, moist, tender and chewy. See how a simple piece of fruit, given attention and time, can turn into a rare and beautiful delicacy that makes an ideal handmade gift.

The class will culminate in a celebratory Japanese aperitif, and each participant will be provided with a box of persimmons and a bamboo pole to use at home in the drying process. Please bring an apron and a sharp pairing knife. Register early as there is a limited number of seats available in the workshop.


Sonoko Sakai is the founder of Common Grains, a project dedicated to providing a deeper understanding and appreciation for Japanese food and culture. For more information please visit the website http://commongrains.com.



Oct 11, 2015
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM


SHED Grange
25 West North Street, Healdsburg, CA, United States

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