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Panel: The Biodynamic Approach to Cannabis Cultivation

With the dawn of Jan. 1, 2018, cannabis cultivation and product sales became theoretically legal in California.

Biodynamic farmers are increasingly adding cannabis to their crop selection, and other cannabis growers, brands, and dispensaries are looking for a meaningful certification to convey the quality of their products and their ecological production.

This expert panel will discuss what it means to be a Biodynamic cannabis grower in today’s legal environment as well as how home growers can implement biodynamic methods in their own plots.

Learn why Biodynamic practices go beyond organic and what that means for farming in general and cannabis specifically. Most of all, learn to spot greenwashing and false claims. Once you know what Biodynamic growing is and does, you won’t be fooled by “indoor” Biodynamic grows again!

The panel will be moderated by writer and editor Gretchen Giles. Panelists include Mike Benziger of Glentucky Family Farm; Alexander Carpenter of the Sonoma County Cultivation Group; Joey EreƱeta, cultivation director for SPARC; Alicia Rose of Herba Buena; and Michelle Webb-McIntyre of Full Circle Pharm.




Apr 22, 2018
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM


Healdsburg SHED
25 North Street, Healdsburg, CA, United States

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