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The Farm

We’ve always felt at home on the farm. To us, it’s where life comes full circle. The farm is where dirt cultivates beauty, decay breeds life, and where an aspiring dancer and a jazz guitarist found their stage.

Nearly twenty years ago we moved to Healdsburg to raise our kids and start a farm. Our pursuit of farming was life-affirming- an experience we dreamed of sharing. Today SHED celebrates that vision, one that embraces the beauty and dignity of farming, the true taste of real food, and the pleasure that can be had from serving others.

—Doug Lipton and Cindy Daniel

Cindy Daniel at SHED Farm
Pruning Cherry Trees at SHED Farm
Fresh Lettuce from SHED Farm
Doug Lipton at SHED Farm
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SHED, A Modern Grange

Winner of a 2014 James Beard Award for restaurant design, SHED is a market, café, and community gathering space designed to bring us closer to the way we grow, prepare, and share our food. Our modern Grange reflects the best of our local farming culture, delivering a seasonally curated selection of workshops, wares, and freshly prepared foods to our guests. Our mission is to celebrate and nurture the connection between good farming, good cooking, and good eating.

Lettuces growing at SHED home farm
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The Community

We are a community of ranchers, fishermen, and artisan producers. We are backyard gardeners and long-time farmers. Professional chefs, home cooks, and food crafters. We are educators and enthusiastic learners. Our backgrounds are diverse, but our interests unite in a passion for food and farming.

In addition to the food produced at HomeFarm, SHED depends on the work of many local farms and ranches, most of them located within 10 miles, and the diligence of many fine artisans. The incredible bounty of our region coupled with the care and attention of our providers enable us to give you something you won’t find elsewhere. It’s our shared sense of home.

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