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So You Think You Can Pack Lunch

For an everyday task, it’s astonishing that packing lunch remains a universal anxiety. Lunchtime is for recharging and refueling. This midday meal should be a chance to relax and tuck into a yummy sandwich or salad. But making lunch is more often a hassle and becomes a last-minute stressor for parents. With school starting up, it’s time to get back into the swing of things. Just a little bit of lunch planning can go along way to making lunch easy and enjoyable.

Here are our top tips for making and packing lunch:

1. Last night’s dinner is today’s lunch. Using leftovers is the oldest trick in the book. Divvy out lunch portions as you plate your evening meal. It will make the morning routine a breeze (or at least more manageable than normal).

 2. Stock the pantry. Having dried fruit, nuts, and crackers on hand makes snack packing a snap.

3. Buy seasonal produce. Fresh fruit and veggies are ideal compliments to any packed lunch.

4. Use reusable containers.

  • Bento boxes are a sleek alternative to Tupperware containers.
  • Weck jars are versatile containers great for yogurt, side salads, and dressing.
  • Bee’s Wrap is a washable and compostable alternative to plastic wrap, great for wrapping sandwiches.
  • Linen bento bags take the place of a lunch box and are the ultimate multifunctional satchel.
  • SHED Water Bottles are made from stainless steel and help you avoid using plastic water bottles.

Packing your lunch strategically reduces waste, saves money that would be spent eating out, and is better for the environment. You can reduce lunch waste by packing your desired portions instead of relying on take-out portion sizes. Single-use plastic items like sandwich bags and cling wrap are major environmental contaminants. By investing in reusable containers, you are reducing your carbon footprint and making a fashion statement.

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  1. Gerry Keenan

    What is bee’s wrap?

    • Caroline

      Thanks for reading! Bee’s wrap is a reusable alternative to plastic wrap made out of cotton and beeswax. You can find it on our site under Housewares > Kitchen Prep + Storage and in our Healdsburg store in the produce department.

  2. theresa

    Great packaging ideas!

    • Caroline

      Thanks Theresa!

  3. theresa

    Great packaging ideas! no I didn’t.

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