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Raised among the riches of a West County Gravenstein apple orchard, the chickens we offer to our Chicken CSA members are the same ones that we serve here at SHED. If you’ve tried a chicken dish in our Café, you know the spectacular chicken-i-ness of their flavor and the richness of the meat. You may not know that they can only be purchased via this CSA.

Produced by Parade Farming Co., the hens are Poulet Rouge/Freedom Ranger chickens. Freedom Ranger birds were derived from an American and European heritage breed in the 1960s to meet the high standards of the French Label Rouge program.

In keeping with Parade’s old-school farming practices, their chickens are moved around the property in sync with the natural cycles of the season, integrated with the rhythms of the farm’s heritage hogs and sheep.

Parade harvests their hens in small batches every week, and personally delivers fresh birds that are never frozen or shrink-wrapped in plastic.

The Chicken Club is a month-to-month membership that entitles members to four birds a month. The chickens weigh approximately six pounds and come with head and feet attached (unless you’d like us to remove them for you). They cost $36 each, totaling $144 for the month. You’re encouraged to split the CSA share with friends, family, and neighbors! Pick-up is each Saturday after 12pm noon.

Do something delicious for yourself and your family. Join the Chicken CSA today!

Hungry? Learn how simple it it so to cook the roast the perfect bird.

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  1. Hillary Hight Daw

    Sign me up!

    • Caroline

      Hillary, so glad to hear you are interested! You can email to sign up for the CSA. Happy cooking!

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