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Japanese Garden Tools

Japanese garden tools are among the most beautifully made and durable tools of the high quality line that we carry.

Here are some favorites from our online collection:


1. Canvas Cap
Have fun supporting Niwaki, one of our favorite purveyors, when you wear this rugged canvas cap with a red interior. Adjustable buckle on the back.

2. Canvas Pouch
This heavy duty water-resistant 16-ounce canvas pouch holds all the essentials for gardening: pruners, gloves, string, and more.

3. Leather Holster
A leather holster with copper rivets and hand-stitched with double ply waxed thread that’s perfect for carrying your trowel with you. The leather starts off pristine and pale, but soon weathers to a nice dark rich tone.

4. Hori Hori, Carbon Steel
The word “hori” means “to dig” in Japanese, but this all-purpose carbon steel trowel is also brilliant for weeding, trimming roots, and transplanting, and is bound to become your favorite tool. The Hori Hori comes with its own vinyl sheath.

5. Hori Hori, Stainless Steel
This Hori Hori , known as a Japanese soil knife, is a gardener’s best friend. It is lightweight so less stress on your wrist, the blade has a smooth surface that slices through even compacted clay soil with ease, and it will never rust. Comes with a vinyl sheath.

6. Nejiri Gama Hoe
This lightweight, strong garden hoe with a hardened steel blade is well-suited for weeding and slicing. Its wood handle is finished with a plastic cap and hanging loop for easy storage.

7. Golden Spade
Ideal for digging, tree planting, and root-balling. With a comfortable YD handle of tubular steel, firm tread, and rigid steel pipe shaft, this light spade will not flex or break under heavy use.

8. Bud Pruner
Heavy duty bud pruners are perfect for careful, detailed pruning where other jobs in the garden are too large and clumsy. Hand-forged in Hyogo from carbon steel, with a solid catch and a robust spring.

9. Drop Forged Hand Pruners
Hard chrome plating over precision-ground, drop-forged blades give these pruners long-lasting sharpness, superior cutting leverage, and rust-resistance. Ergonomic non-slip grips and a high-quality “V” spring making cutting and release motions comfortable and quick. All-metal construction, made by ARS.

10. Garden Scissors
These general purpose garden scissors with stainless steel blades are great for cut flowers, dead-heading, and light pruning. Strong, yet delicate for careful cuts.

11. Pruners
Hand-forged in Hyogo from carbon steel, these hard-wearing pruners combine Japanese craftsmanship with tough steel and a comfortable grip for prolonged use.

12. Pruning Saw
A traditional pruning saw for general purpose garden pruning of small trees and shrubs.

13. Pruning Sheet
Lightweight, green nylon mesh with aluminum eyelets to catch leaves and clippings. Well-suited for topiary, hedge cutting, and weeding.

14. Large Garden Shears
With carbon steel blades and Japanese White Oak handles, the Nishigaki hedge shears are a high-quality and balanced garden tool that can last a lifetime.

15. Camellia Oil and Oil Dispenser
A simple dispenser for camellia oil used for regular cleaning of shears, pruners, clippers, and knives.

16. Sharpening Stones, Set of 3
Designed for pruners, but also great for shears and topiary clippers. Soak these sharpening stones thoroughly each time before use.

17. Shuronawa Twine
This twine, made from sheath fiber from Japanese palm tree, is used for all garden jobs in Japan – tree training, fence making, and binding.

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