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Learn About Citrus Salts

citrus salts

Citrus salts are perhaps the stars of our new SHED Pantry line, an in-house collection of flavors inspired by our café kitchen.

Here are somesuggestions for using our versatile and aromatic citrus salts.

Black lime salt can be used in any dishes that encompass the flavors of the Middle East. With a tang of acidity and umami flavor-enhancing properties, the black lime packs a powerful punch.

For a savory mezze platter, finish naan bread smeared with labneh (or yogurt), snap peas, cured olives, and blood orange with a sprinkle of this salt. Add it to a roast chicken that has been brined in olive brine – it’s complex and beautiful.

Lemon salt is our top-selling product across the entire Pantry line.

The lemon salt is perfect for brightening up sunchokes! Roast them with rosemary and finish with lemon salt. Any green vegetable, from broccoli to artichokes to asparagus, can be complemented by finishing with a sprinkle.

During cocktail hour, rim a glass of a gin- or vodka-based cocktail. And for dessert, try dusting some on vanilla ice cream.

What’s clear is that citrus salts add a bit of zing and natural flavor to foods from savory to sweet. Experiment with what you like best!

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