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Make Your Own Vinegar at Home

Making your own vinegar at home is easy – all it takes is wine and patience! Having beautiful stoneware in which to age and store your homemade vinegar just makes it all the better.

We are proud to be the only U.S. purveyor of Poterie de Digoin, an artisanal ceramic business founded in 1875 in the region of Digoin and Paray-le-Monial, known as “the valley of ceramics” in Burgundy, France.

For 141 years, Digoin have specialized in the everyday ceramic batterie de cuisine that comprise the French family kitchen: vinegar crocks, yogurt and mustard pots, salt cellars, terrines, pitchers, bowls, jugs, all made of the natural materials of that region – clay, feldspar, and kaolin.

This recipe from Poterie de Digoin pairs a humble but essential condiment with their handsome crocks. Make your own vinegar at home today!

Preparing the Crock

Submerge the cork and tap in lukewarm water for 20 minutes. Insert the cork as far as possible into the spout of the vinegar crock, then add the tap. Never leave the vinegar crock empty. The join between the cork and the tap will dry and lose its water-tightness (and then will drip or leak).

Preparing the “Mother”

The simplest thing is to procure a piece of “mother,” the central fermentation deposit that forms in the making of wine. However, you can make your own by mixing one or two cups of vinegar with wine and leaving the mixture in an open bottle or uncovered vinegar crock. You will then obtain the “mother” used for the preparation of vinegar. From time to time, check on its thickness. If it becomes too thick then remove half of the mother.

Preparing the Vinegar

Pour two liters of good red or white wine in the vinegar crock, placing the mother delicately on top, covering the opening of the crock with cheesecloth. Wait two months. The vinegar will then be converted from the wine. You may remove one liter of vinegar that you may season with rosemary, thyme, basil, pepper, garlic, cassis, etc. Add wine as needed to continue to make the vinegar and keep the mother and tap moist.

Store the vinegar crock in a cool place and use often, adding your own homemade flavors to your own homemade foods.

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  1. Scott Kenley

    I have the Vinegar Crock, but my cork and spigot has started leaking. Can I just purchase the cork and spigot?

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