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Getting Started: Donabe Clay Smoker

Nothing says summer like cooking with fire. Our donabe clay smoker is the perfect centerpiece for a summer meal, or any time of the year, adding subtle flavor to everything from grilled vegetables to fish, or even nuts and cheese. Here’s how to get started using it.

Basic Smoking Tips

Line the bottom of a donabe smoker with a piece of aluminum foil. Make sure that the foil is pressed firmly into the bottom.

Place a handful of dry smoke chips spread in a large ring shape atop the foil. If the ingredients have a high fat or moisture content, place another, slightly larger piece of foil very loosely over the smoke chips in order to catch the drippings and keep the smoke chips from getting wet.

Make sure there is room for the smoke to escape between the two layers of foil.

Prepare your ingredients, ensuring that none is cut thicker than an inch and that all are dry with no excess moisture.

Set the grates inside the smoker one by one, placing ingredients on each grate before adding the next and making sure not overlap.

The lower grate tends to become hotter, as it’s closer to the flame, so if you are smoking different ingredients at the same time, place the thicker ingredients on the bottom grate.

Set the donabe smoker, uncovered, over high heat. Once the smoke chips start to release smoke, about 7 to 8 minutes, cover with the lid.

Fill the reservoir in the rim of the base a little over half full with water. Smoke for 7 to 9 minutes over high heat, and then turn off the heat.

Cooking times will vary depending on the ingredients, amount, and sizes.


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