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Sneeboer Tool Guide

We use Sneeboer tools every day at HomeFarm, and consider them the highest-quality garden tools on the market.
Hand-forged in Holland from top-grade stainless steel, fitted with sturdy FSC-certified ash handles, and sharpened and finished by hand, each tool carries a lifetime guarantee. Designed and detailed for strength and ease, Sneeboer tools are a pleasure to wield.


1. Great Dixter Trowel: The trowel, designed to the specifications of Christopher Lloyd, was one of his favorite tools for planting and weeding. It is narrow to allow you into tight spaces but sturdy for leverage when weeding difficult plants. The rounded tip gives you a good cutting surface and the length of blade allows you depth in the soil. The small blade of the Great Dixter gardening tool represents the easiness of digging even in the most heavy clay soil and is very helpful for planting out thin, long-rooted seedlings.

2. Heart Trowel: The thoughtfully designed 10 inch long heart shaped trowel has a very sharp point making it ideal for planting bulbs, digging out stones, drawing out drills, and numerous other garden and cultivation tasks.

3. Weeding Trowel: The weeding trowel is ideal for planting out long rooted seedlings and plants (like sweet peas) when you require a deep narrow planting hole, also extremely useful for removing tap rooted weeds (like dandelions) and reaching into difficult areas in the garden for general weeding.

4. Dandelion Digger: The dandelion digger is perfect for getting to those difficult tap root weeds (like dandelions) out of the lawn.

5. Weeding Fork: The two-pronged weeder loosens the earth around the roots, enabling the weeds to be removed with ease.  A very sturdy piece of equipment which will help with the removal of all but the deepest rooted, earth-bound weeds. 

6. Hand Hoe: The hand hoes are made specially for either left- or right-handed gardeners. Angled so that the longer side of the blade aligns with your dexterity, this allows you to cut the ground with greater precision. Choose left-handed or right-handed.

7. Perennial Spade: Designed to divide perennial shrubs, the perennial spade is a welcome and most useful addition to any garden. Measuring 16 1/2 inches overall, the pointed perennial spade is equally suited to dividing shrubs, lifting bulbs, digging planting holes, and generally working in areas where a full size spade would be too cumbersome.

8. Royal Dutch HoeA lightweight, thoughtfully designed hoe that removes weeds with ease. Teeth on the blade edge increase surface area by 35%, making entry into the soil easier and allowing for precision removal of weeds. A long handle reduces the need to bend and allows easy access to borders and tight spaces. On the reverse of the blade, a clever hook can be used to grab weeds on the “pull” stroke. To use: hold hoe and walk backwards, leaving a fine tilth and reducing chances of replanting weeds with your feet.

9. Push HoeWith a blade sharpened on three-sides, this long-handled hoe from Sneeboer easily slices through weeds on the push and pull strokes. Well-suited for the vegetable garden for drawing out furrows, digging for seed planting, or reaching weeds deep in the bed.

10. Border Spade with StepsA long-handled, tough garden spade for turning over soil in borders or small patches. Stainless steel blade features a step for added leverage, easier digging, and boot protection.

11. Border ForkA well-proportioned long-handled tool and garden workhorse. With a wide head and long tines, this fork is perfect for maintaining flower beds and herbaceous borders and ideal for lifting plants and forking manure.

12. Pull Hoe: A solid, sturdy hoe with a sharp angled edge, ideal for chopping weeds, earthing up vegetables, and digging shallow trenches. Very well-suited for dry, hard soil.


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