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Sunday Supper: Sonoko Sakai and Mutsuko Soma

Our Sunday Suppers are slated for the last weekend of each month and are priced to make it an easy decision for you to join us. Here's a small photographic sampling of what you missed — or a recap if you were lucky enough to attend! — on March 30. Photos by Caitlin McCaffrey.

Our most recent Sunday Supper featured chef and author Sonoko Sakai with her guest chef Mutsuko Soma preparing a Japanese dinner for the SHED community. Sonoko held something of a residency at SHED that weekend, offering a Saturday afternoon workshop centered around soba before cooking up a storm with Mutsuko on Sunday. 


Mutsuko Soma (l) and Sonoko Sakai are seen here during afternoon prep. Mutsuko is the co-owner of Seattle's much-lauded Miyabi 45th restaurant. Sonoko runs Commongrains, a website devoted to re-establishing heritage grain production, like buckwheat, in the U.S. The two chefs met over a shared love of locally-grown buckwheat, excellent for making into soba noodles.

2nLhei_8Gs1IlkcsTNNECXnrKpg6gvPRBSlNXPH1_tISonoko and Mutsuko enlist the help of an assistant in rolling out fresh buckwheat dough for noodles.

7imx-Xh_NjOo7U4lMbnFG32aWAH2n6iOpqsMbjL9sDkAnd yes, they're hand-cut!




w0wcbVmt68I8-2M0fKcaYzX21G5b6llxHoBs0lj1cSwThe first course is plated and set to ready as guests gather in the early evening's warm light.

9-91Sh4L-EBPrsMWvU2o77STFoe9CGO7BrcSqPLThhASHED co-owner Cindy Daniel puts finishing touches to the tables while guests enjoy a first glass of wine.

OmHdbdnVGeHf0mtbykkUdjgx0NeCdJntSNlEvxReSfENationally renowned light sculptor Michael Hayden was among the guests. You never know who you might meet at SHED!

xvW49Pi_LYE8sfJqKBYAwOfUt8noGdMn6cAOLFU_iOUCindy greets apiarist and artist Barbara Schlumberger.

Cc5EFyld7sGJ2Kvr-cJ1vRgk-pU8pZpIjFAnZEH2TUsOnce at table, guests mark the experience while Sonoko and Cindy discuss the night's menu.

FXnCt5rb14BofhQBwgLOSAbw2fAYHaMAEO9jPK86wMIThe light mellows and dims, the guests settle in, and the supper takes on its own life.

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