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SHED Happens

After months of careful site preparation, local workmen are skillfully assembling the bones on the building – clipping and bolting the rigid frame and roof supports.  Following two years of planning and designing, SHED is taking shape on North Street.

Until now, SHED has been a dream and an attractive architectural rendering.  Now, we can vividly picture the front terrace, the coffee bar at the main entrance, café seating near the creek, and the pantry & larder (sources for eat-in and take-home food).  With the beams in place, it is easy to imagine the second floor with the 1400 square foot gallery for meetings, classes, film, and performances.

We have worked closely with the San Francisco-based firm, Jensen Architects, to design a building that thoughtfully addresses the constraints, as well as the opportunities, of our site.  As a modern interpretation of the traditional barn or shed, our building references some of Healdsburg’s agricultural buildings, including the Cerri Building, the old prune packing shed across the creek.

Sustainability is central to our design, which incorporates a resource-efficient, prefabricated metal structure, thermally-efficient insulated metal cladding, photovoltaic cells on the roof, and a naturally ventilated interior. Glazed garage doors on two levels open the interior to the outdoors, connecting to the street life in front, and to the restored creek-side riparian habitat along the building’s west facade.

Our hands-on, full service construction company, Oliver & Co, is working with a crew of local sub-contractors.  It has been amazing to watch SHED come together like a giant erector set, over the last few days.

There are so many components critical to a successful project.  We deeply value the close working relationships with Jensen Architects in the conceptualization of SHED, and with Oliver & Company in the construction process.  Their experience, attention to detail, and quality workmanship are, well, how SHED happens.

As SHED happens, see the progress on our SHEDcam.

The Erector Set

Nuts and Bolts

View from North Street

Doug and Tim Miller, job superintendent from Oliver & Company

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