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Wildly Fermented Sourdough Bread Workshop

Dive into the world of wild fermentation with this introduction to naturally leavened artisanal breads with baker Lindsay Katz. Lindsay’s hands-on approach will help you understand the science behind the perfect loaf and help you to strengthen your baker’s intuition. Over 90 minutes, you’ll learn how to cultivate and maintain a sourdough starter, how to preserve your starter in between bakes, what kind of flours to use in home baking, and how to mix, fold, knead, and shape the perfect sourdough loaf. The course also includes a sourdough bread tasting, and you’ll go home with a shaped levain that you can bring home to bake. All participants will receive 10% of purchases at SHED the day of the event, perfect for getting a wicker proofing basket, a bench scraper, bread knife, or any of SHED’s other selection of baker’s tools.






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