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SHED Book Group: The One Straw Revolution

Meet with other readers, SHED customers, and staff for the SHED Food Lover’s Book Group, where we’ll tackle the history, philosophy, and politics of food with works by some of our favorite authors. We’ll share our passion for eating, cooking, and reading in a lively discussion group.

On Wednesday, January 25 in the SHED Grange, we will discuss Masanobu Fukuoka’s The One Straw Revolution, the 1975 best-selling book that describes the farmer-philosopher’s life’s journey into worldwide sustainable agriculture movement. The book has been translated into more than 25 languages and was an inspiration for SHED founders Doug Lipton and Cindy Daniel. The book presents Fukuoka’s plan to rehabilitate the deserts of the world using natural farming, including practical solutions for feeding a growing human population, rehabilitating damaged landscapes, reversing the spread of desertification, and providing a deep understanding of the relationship between human beings and nature. Fukuoka’s message comes right at the time when people around the world seem to have lost their frame of reference, and offers us a way forward.

Come having read the book and bring your questions. Bring up a drink or a snack from SHED’s fermentation bar and join us in a discussion perfect for farmers, cooks, environmentalists- anyone who is interested in the future of food.




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