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Lacto-Fermented Pickling Workshop with McVicker’s Pickles

Lacto-fermentation is a seemingly magical microbial process that transforms raw vegetables into something entirely different, shelf-stable, and delicious. Not only is it a great way to preserve vegetables while they’re in season, it’s a time-honored method of increasing the nutritional value of food and adding more probiotics to your diet.

This summer, let Kelly McVicker, the founder of San Francisco’s McVicker Pickles, guide you in a hands-on experience with the fermentation process through three different recipes: Simple Sauerkraut, Kimchi with Apples & Pears, and Kosher-Style Fermented Pickles.

While we work, Kelly will talk about the history of fermentation and the health benefits fermented foods, and why doing it at home is better than buying commercially made (and often pasteurized) products. You’ll also get to sample a selection of her favorite homemade fermented goods.

Each participant will take home a jar of each of the types of fermented veggies made in class. You can take home your custom creations, keep an eye on your ’edible pet,’ and enjoy the flavor in a few days.

Participants will also receive a 10% discount for purchases made in the SHED retail store the day of the event.

Kelly McVicker is the founder of San Francisco-based McVicker Pickles, where she blends her Kansas roots with California flavors via small batch pickles and condiments. Kelly has presented at TEDx, San Francisco Street Food Festival, Bay Area Maker Faire, Eat Real Festival, and other events. She has contributed recipes for books and magazines focused on food preservation, and is currently researching for a book project of her own. Kelly is a Certified Master Food Preserver, which means she can teach you how to can, pickle, ferment, jam, jelly, dehydrate, or help you test your pressure canner. She lives in San Francisco, but remains a Kansas girl at heart.



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