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Kokedama Workshop

Make your own kokedama and create a garden on a string with the guidance of SHED’s floral designer Sue Volkel in this hands-on workshop at SHED. Very similar to bonsai, the plant and roots of a kokedama are contained in a small space. Its form and preparation represents the Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic principles, defined as one of beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.”

This workshop will take place on SHED’s outdoor terrace. Participants will learn how to make a kokedama and how to care for it, and will take home their finished product at the end of class. All supplies are included. The workshop will include a refreshing kombucha from SHED’s fermentation bar and a coupon for 10% off purchases in SHED’s retail store the day of the event.

Learn more about our floral designer Sue Volkel in this post on the SHED Blog.



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