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Cheese Course with Janet Fletcher: America the Bountiful

Put your locavore leanings on hold for this class. Janet will take you on a cross country trek to taste the finest cheeses made in the U.S., from Oregon to Florida. Well, maybe not Florida. But Oregon, Missouri, Wisconsin, Vermont, New York, Virginia all have astonishing cheeses to share. She’ll round up the best available choices to give participants an overview of American cheesemaking at the highest level.

We are thrilled to have Janet teach a series of seasonal cheese workshops at SHED. Upcoming classes:
October 15: Seven Styles of Cheese
December 2: Better With Bubbles

Janet Fletcher is a teacher, author, journalist, and publisher of Planet Cheese. Janet has written for the Oakland Tribune and San Francisco Chronicle and has authored six books. She is a three-time James Beard Award winner, and was the scriptwriter on two Beard Award-winning DVDs produced by the Culinary Institute of America. Through her writing, teaching, and cheese appreciation classes, she continues to spotlight the trends and people who make Northern California such an exhilarating place to cook, eat and work. In her spare moments between deadlines, she tends to her home garden in the Napa Valley.

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