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Elissa Rubin-Mahon


With the precision of a fine artist and the eye of an expert forager, Elissa Rubin-Mahon selects her fruit and produces micro-batches of preserves here in Sonoma County. She sources her fruit from sustainable farms and wild, public lands. Using no more than 7 pounds of ripe, unrefrigerated fruit per batch, Elissa hand cuts the pieces and cooks them – without pectin – in an open kettle.

Her fruit has a regional, and often historical, provenance. Very knowledgeable about heirloom fruits, she specializes in preserving their vibrant flavors. Some of her favorites are: Silver Logan peach, Black Republican cherry and Sierra Beauty apple.

An expert preserver, Elissa shares her know-how as leader of a group of community volunteers who cook-up gleaned, surplus food from local farms and gardens. With inspiration from Elissa, the group works out of a community kitchen, preparing, preserving and distributing food to local food pantries.

We love Elissa’s preserving and her commitment to community. We also like the way she thinks about tools. “If I were an inanimate object,” she says, “I would like to be a spoon. A well-shaped spoon fits one’s mouth like a smile.”

SHED will offer Elissa’s preserves as well as selected foods from other artisans.

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  1. Beautiful! I love her quote, “I would like to be a spoon. A well-shaped spoon fits one’s mouth like a smile.”

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